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GBA is dedicated to the success of the City of Gautier, its business and property owners and citizens.  We help them grow by providing the best learning and collaborative environment through all stages of business development.
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Our goal is :

To address the challenges unique to the City of Gautier and its’ business owners and residents. To provide the tools necessary for business success through programs and resources that accelerate growth and profitability of the City’s businesses.

To support aspiring local entrepreneurs.  

To serve as their voice to the legislature and local government.

To encourage leadership in the business community.

To be recognized as THE professional organization providing skills and solutions to all stages of  businesses in Gautier and its MSA, through educational workshops, executive roundtables, and local meetings.

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Monthly Meetings are held the 3rd Monday of each month.
Networking begins at 6pm
Business Meeting begins at 6:30pm.
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If you have any questions or would like a specific issue to be addressed by the Gautier Business Association, please do not hesitate to contact a board member.
2014-2015 GBA Board
Tommy Martin, President                    228-217-3355       jtmgautier@aol.com
Susan Powell, VP,                                 228-860-8006       theliquourhouse@live.com
Kathy Wilkinson, Secretary,                 228-202-5121       ecotours.ms@gmail.com
Linda Anderson, Treasurer,                228-627-0727       wallpaperetc@cableone.net
Etta Saxton, Board Member,              228-497-6210       flowerpatch@bellsouth.net
Jason Lauban, Board Member,           228-990-7075       jvlauban@bellsouth.netOrlando Goyo, AlternateMollie Hillburn, Imm. Past Pres.         228-822-9890       mollie@ad2inc.net