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mollie Mollie Hillburn – With more than 30 years experience in marketing, Mollie Hillburn has been motivated to success by the success of her customers. Mollie came to this market with an aggressive sales and marketing background and used it to make millions for the printing and direct mail firm that partnered with her shortly after her move to the Gulf Coast. With a desire to continue to grow her knowledge, experience and her business and provide a future for her family she decided to go back out on her own. Mollie is proud of her role in making the virtually unknown a household name and growing small businesses into top competitors that have helped the growth of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She measures her success only by the success of her customers and is not satisfied until they are. Mollie feels a direct responsibility for their success and it shows in her partnership with her customers, employees and vendors.”The people in business here know their customers on a personal level so there is more caring for positive, truthful representation. It makes my job not only easier, but much more enjoyable,” said Mollie.

Mollie feels the key to success in this industry is to become immersed in their businesses, learning as much as possible from the owners and management. Her natural curiosity has led her to uncover strengths and weaknesses even they are not aware of and direct the marketing to maximize the awareness and benefits of each customer. She has a proven track record of increasing the reach and frequency of a clients existing advertising budget and growing it judiciously as the clients business grows.

The Gulf Coast business climate is in a growth mode, changing daily to meet the needs of our growing and changing population. The key to success for any of our customers is to reach these needs. After much time, Mollie has been able to find this post-Katrina market as an opportunity to grow and change her business to meet the needs of this growing, changing market. She is proud of not only the successes of her customers and Ad2, Inc. but also of making a difference in her community. The customers of Ad2, Inc. have benefited from Mollie’s experience in growing a business to match market needs as is evidenced by their continued growth and expansion.

kim Kimberlie Ritter-Vice President, Business Manager, Account Executive, Creative Direction, Copywriter – Suffice it to say, that I, like many small-business owners, wear many hats. My quick-wit and clever antics give way to some pretty grabbing headlines and great story lines. Copywriting comes very naturally to me, as I have always been a very apt writer and clear and concise speaker. I definitely do not have difficulty getting my point across, and that has come in handy in the business.

I do, however, put my accounting degree to the test day in and day out managing the financial aspect of the business. Although my personality and that of the typical number-cruncher don’t really jive, I am able to put my social skills to use in the account executive position.

I value my team – my designers, my producers, my vendors and my customers. Without these people, my job would be meaningless. I know this and try to convey this every chance I get. Whether its through my attitude or my appreciation, my guys know how much they mean to me and know that I will work as hard for them as humanly possible. After all, I’m only human.